Nephilim Magazine is a high-end beauty, fashion, and art publication based out of Buffalo, NY, founded and operated by Amelia Wysocki with the help of loyal contributors and readers in promotional areas. We feature the best mainstream and alternative genre portrait photography and art, including both traditional and digital mediums, contributed by creative talent from all over the world, including everyone from amateur prodigies to award-winning VIPs and celebrities. It is our primary mission to promote those creative individuals who've yet to find their own voice and gift them with the opportunity of being seen alongside the successful and inspiring artists who found their own voices long ago such as Emmy-Award-winning portrait photographer, Andrew Foord, Screen Actors Guild winner and LGBTQ+ icon, Lea DeLaria, multi-award-winning creature creator and SFX artist, Steve Wang, and so many others. We're so proud.

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We are not a mainstream magazine. We are also not an alternative magazine. We feature elements of both, sometimes mixed together. Beauty is beauty whether you're dressed in Gucci's Summer collection, covered in pop-culture tattoos, or you're a cybernetic mage from the darkest reaches of the Andromeda galaxy. We want diversity in infinite combinations!


According to Biblical lore, the Nephilim were the offspring of angels (The Watchers or Grigori) and mortal women. They were the teachers of art, cosmetics, medicine, and science. If you extrapolate and piece together similar lore from other ancient civilizations, Nephilim was another name for the Frost Giants of Norway, the Titans of Greece, the White Giants of Native American tribes, and so on. Some were elementals, some were giants, and others could pass for humans. And like humans, some were good and some were very bad. It really is quite fascinating whether you're religious or you just love a good story.


“No other magazine features such creative talent as Nephilim Magazine does.”

—Rocky Gathercole (R.I.P.)

“I’ve worked with Nephilim Magazine many times and I am so happy they're back. I look forward to working with them for years to come.”

—Andrew Foord

“Nephilim Magazine is an over-the-top mix of art, fashion and creativity that never disappoints. I've worked with dozens of publications in my time and Nephilim is the real deal. Great photos, interesting reads about the artists and contributors, and a serious eye for the avant-garde. If you want to see where creativity is headed, this is your source for ideas.”

—Marty Gottieb

“It's an honor to be a part of Nephilim Magazine. A magazine delivering various kinds of looks. Nephilim is far more unique than it's competitors. I'm glad I belong here.”

—Salden Eltagonde

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