My name is Amelia Wysocki. I am a professional beauty, fashion, fine art, and conceptual photographer with over 25 years of experience in portrait photography, photo retouching, concept character art (photo manipulation), logo, ad, and web design, social media management, and search engine optimization (SEO). I began this journey in high school as a way of meeting new and interesting people who would otherwise only see me as the weird kid. Now, I work with some of the most beautiful and passionate people in the industry, helping them build their portfolios and promote their business projects.



I am a proud transgender woman and member of the LGBTQ+ community. I advocate for the respect of everyone in infinite combinations. My home studio is a safe space. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page to see my evolving portfolio.


Have you been thinking about starting a career as a model or would you just like some really good photos to make you feel more attractive? Maybe you need a good professional headshot for work, something festive with the family, or something a bit more private for your significant other? I have been a portrait photographer for nearly 25 years, shooting models, business owners, and everyday people for personal and private projects, and I would love to book a photo session with you.

*Based Out Of The Buffalo, NY Region*

*Will Travel For Compensation*

Basic Photo Session ($100)

A Basic Photo Session includes up to 3 hours of shooting time and 5 complimentary full-size retouched photos. Extra photos are $7 each. If you would like the full set, as is, with exclusive ownership released to you, I will release them for an additional $250. Exclusive ownership means that you will be legally able to edit and use them as you wish with no need to ask my permission. This is an option that most photographers will not offer for any price.

Character Art ($20-250)

My character art is done through photo manipulation, using the most recent version of Adobe Photoshop. Basically, this is altering a photo so it's more art than pure photography. This includes image compositing, adding light and shadow effects, etc. Some projects are simple while others are quite elaborate, requiring many dozens of layers and effects, taking days if not weeks to finish. Photo manipulation, in recent years, has become the chosen method of designing television and film posters, allowing photographers to shoot cast members at different times and locations while still including them all in a single image. I can do this for my own photos and photos provided by you. I will work on anything you send me but please be aware that if you provided photos without permission from the legal creator/owner, I will not accept the legal consequences.

Other Services

For other services seen in my portfolio, contact me. Price depends on many variables such as time, detail, and purpose.

Deposit Required

To book a session or art project, I will require a 50% deposit before I put you on my schedule. I can accept payments via Cash App, Venmo, GooglePay, and PayPal. Please, no checks. If I must cancel, you will receive a full refund of your deposit within 5 days. If you cancel, I will keep your deposit for time spent or lost.


Phone: (716) 580-2076


The first few years of my career was more of a public hobby than anything. I didn't know anything about business or self-protection. As a result, I often found myself being taken advantage of. For example, I didn't make clients or associates sign contracts, which meant that I couldn't make them face any real consequences for any wrong they might have done such as failure to pay what was agreed to or failure to credit me for the work and time I put in. This lesson was learned the hard way. For this reason, since then, every client has been expected to sign a contract, even for trade work. No exceptions. I'm sure you understand.


To get a little personal, I was born and raised in Western New York (Buffalo region), which is best known for its amazing food, horrible winters, and active creative community. I am a proud transgender woman (pre-op), I love science fiction, fantasy, black licorice, Indian food, sushi, creative directing, wardrobe styling, and sleep, among so many other things. Most of all, I love meeting interesting people from all walks of life, learning all about them, and helping them achieve success.


Since joining the magazine industry back in 2010 as Gorgeous Freaks' ad designer and social media marketer, thanks to Yaz and Naty Ugalde, I have met even more outstanding and noteworthy people from all over the world than I ever would as a mere photographer, even more so since founding and launching Strange Beauty a few short years later, which was my first magazine as Editor in Chief.

I built up the brand as much as I could, given limited resources, and then launched Beautivation (beauty and innovation), which included a balanced mix of mainstream and alternative genres. It was around this time that I joined Kavyar's team... unofficially. In the beginning, they were limited to Buffalo and Rochester, NY, and had little interest in expanding just yet, but I convinced them that they could go international and made it happen by introducing their platform to the many magazine editors, models, and photographers I've connected with since I got my start. Before I got to work for them, they had only a few dozen members and 3 listed magazines, including my own. Despite promises and offers made on their part in return for my dedication, once they went international and no longer needed me, I was passed over. When I went public with what they had done, I was banned from their platform, even as a basic user. Lesson learned. When doing business, always have them sign a contract. Period! Anyway, I ran Beautivation successfully for a few years before deciding to change up how I did things now that Kavyar was no longer going to offer me a magazine listing or submission hosting. I learned how to do all of this on my own and then discovered Litmind, which does much of what Kavyar does. A few months later, in 2017, I launched Nephilim Magazine, which continues today. I am very proud of Nephilim Magazine, especially since I've been running it on my own since day-1. It has featured some very high-profile talent such as Grammy and Emmy-award-winning photographers and actors as well as models and artists of absurd levels of ever-evolving talent. I am truly honored that people such as these would allow me the pleasure of sharing them with the world. It's the best part of my life.


And here is some of my best work. If you ever find yourself in the Buffalo, NY region, contact me for a photo session. You might just be offered a special spot in the next issue of Nephilim Magazine. Find me on Instagram and feel free to say, "Hey".