Hello! My name is Amelia Wysocki and I am the Founder and Editor in Chief of Nephilim Magazine!

I am also a career beauty, fashion, and fine art portrait photographer with additional specialties in photo retouching, concept art, logo design, ad design, web presence, and social media marketing. I will work with pretty much anyone.

I was born and raised in Western New York (Buffalo region), which is best known for its amazing food, horrible winters, and active creative community. I love science fiction, fantasy, black licorice, Indian food, muscular ladies (Don't judge me!), and sleep, among so many other things. I don't have much of a social life due to clinical anxiety and depression, and word vomit, which scares most potential friends away. So, I spend most of my time getting my creative work done.

I have been in the magazine publishing industry since the first issue of Gorgeous Freaks Magazine. I went by DJ Jarak back then. This was before I came out as a transgender woman. I was their official ad designer, one of their social media promoters, and I'm the one who gave their logo that first popping revamp. I will be forever grateful to Yaz and Naty for giving me my start in the business.

About a year later, I left to start my own magazine, Strange Beauty, which mainly focused on the many sub-genres of goth and punk fashion. But just when I was about to sign a contract with Barnes & Noble, I was robbed. They made off with my very expensive Alienware M17x laptop, my 2TB external hard drive, my Nikon D60 camera, and my portrait lens. While I would have much rather not have been robbed and kept on going, the brand was worth something and at the time, I wasn't. So, I sold the brand to a Florida-based startup so I could start over. They offered to keep me on as Editor in Chief and pay me monthly if they could use the magazine to advertise their clients. Yes, Strange Beauty's issue sales were really that good. However, it became clear that this company didn't have the money to pay me and I wasn't about to work for nothing for a magazine that was no longer mine. Unable to find another chump, not one single new issue was ever produced.

A few months later, I launched Beautivation which featured a diverse balance of mainstream and alternative styles of beauty, fashion, and art. You could call it Nephilim Magazine's prototype. This time, I decided that I didn't want to run it on my own, so I handpicked a team of creative people to assist me, which mainly consisted of influencers and writers. Beautivation had a very successful run until I trusted the wrong people to partner with, which sent things crashing down around me. I helped them to become a great international success and as a direct result and a conscious effort on their part, my brand was ruined. Remember!... contracts... contracts... contracts!

And now onto Nephilim Magazine. I founded Nephilim in late 2017 and released Issue 1 in January of 2018. Unlike my prior magazines, I run Nephilim as a solo act with the occasional extra help from supportive contributors who believe in what it's all about. Over the years, I have become quite proficient in social media marketing and cross-promotional partnerships.

And here is some of my best work. If you ever find yourself in the Buffalo, NY region, contact me for a photo session. You might just be offered a special spot in the next issue of Nephilim Magazine. Find me on Instagram and feel free to say, "Hey".

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