This is Salden. He is Nephilim Magazine's official associate photo retoucher and has been a friend of our Editor in Chief for a few years now. It is his job to polish up our in-house photos to make sure they're on par with the competition. He also offers his services to those who wish to submit photos that may not meet minimum quality standards in terms of post-production. Salden is what's known as a high-end beauty retoucher. This involves smoothing and retexturizing skin, removing photo noise and flyaway hairs, balancing light and shadow, color grading, definition enhancement, etc. And despite his excellence, his rates are well below the industry standard.

Salden's rate for high-end beauty retouching is $13-18 per photo, marked down from the international industry standard rate of $30-50 per photo. There are photo retouchers at his level making as much as $100 per for Condé Nast right now. He's that good! If you want your photos to truly shine, contact us and we'll put Salden to work.