Nephilim Magazine is always accepting photo, art, story, and article submissions for our upcoming issues. All genres involving beauty, fashion, and art are welcome as are topics relating to geek, nerd, and world culture. This includes high-end beauty shots, mainstream and alternative fashion, fine art, fitness, celebrities and other famous faces, artistic nude, traditional and digital art, and scientific innovation. See our Genres page for fun visual examples.


We are now exclusively a digital magazine. Future covers and pages will be designed and laid out as they always have been, but will only be made available in PDF format. This allows us to sell them directly, without a host, which means that we can now offer them to you at a lower cost, which will benefit us in terms of profits and you, in terms of price. This also means that our content contributors no longer have to submit massive print-size images and there will be no more post-print edge cropping. Welcome to the future!



Only photographers and artists are allowed to submit their own work. It is a matter of not only media law but creative ethics as well. If you are a model, hair stylist, makeup artist, fashion designer, or any other member of the creative team, you must provide written permission from the photographer and include it with your submission. No exceptions.


Portrait: 1160 W x 1500 H

Wide: 2318 W x 1500 H

Resolution: 300 DPI

Color Profile: RGB

File Format: JPG or TIF

Number of Images: 6-20

Each series/set separated by album.


Please review our genres pages for examples. Unedited and poorly edited photos are not likely to be approved. if you require the services of a high-end beauty photo retoucher, contact our own Salden Eltagonde.


Prose (interviews, articles, stories, poems) is more likely to be approved if visual content is included such as photography and/or art. While stock photos are acceptable, original content is best. Do not ever plagiarize. It is not difficult for us to verify that what you contribute is original work. Spelling, grammar, and paragraphing must be high school level or higher. Keep the word count below 2000.


Unpublished content only. If any images from the set you wish to submit have appeared in print or online, we will not use it. No exceptions will be given unless we invite you to contribute work we've seen on your public portfolio.


You must credit everyone who took part in the production of what you are submitting. This includes everyone who was on location and anyone whose work you're using, even if they were not on location. If your work features people, name them, and if a photo features more than one person, indicate who was who by a differentiating feature such as hair color, clothing, or a tattoo. If their hair was styled and makeup was done, credit the person or people who did it, even if you or those you photographed did it themselves. If they're wearing clothes, name the designer. Remember, it doesn't matter if the designer was not on set. It doesn't even matter of their clothing was purchased at a store. Name the brand of each visible clothing item from head to toe, including all accessories and jewelry. Don't know who designed what? Check the tags or engravings. Even vintage clothing included some kind of makers mark. Also, include a credit for the wardrobe stylist, which is the person who provided the clothing, even if it was you or another member of your team. When submitting, please use this text format for your credits. Separate each name with a comma and each line as seen below. And be sure each name is spelled correctly. It would also be helpful if you included their Facebook and Instagram username.


Submission Title: Title (Avoid Clichés)

Models: Name, Name...

Hair Stylists: Name, Name...

Makeup Artists: Name, Name...

Fashion Designers: Name (item), Name (item)...

Wardrobe Stylists: Name (item), Name (item)...


If you are submitting more than one set/series of photos or art, please separate them by album. Each album should contain both images and the associated credits. Each set/series must include a minimum of 6 images.

Respectfully, we claim the right to reject any submission based on quality, ethical taste, the diversity of other contributed content, available space, or the violation of any rules set above regardless of any personal effort or expense on your part.

We cannot offer free issues. We profit solely on the sale of issues and the occasionally on the sale of ad space. We are an independent magazine with no corporate funding. Without such sales, Nephilim Magazine could not survive.


Avoid anything too cliché.

Upload content folder to WeTransfer, DropBox, or Google Drive, and share the link here. If using Google Drive, make your folder unrestricted or we will not be able to view your content.