Nephilim Magazine usually accepts photo, art, story, and article submissions for our upcoming issues but this issue is different. This is our first Character Art Edition. These issues will exclusively feature character art in the form of all mediums such as hand drawn and digital illustration, 3D rendering, photo manipulation, and well lit photos of sculptures. They can be of real or fictional people, aliens, celestial beings, sentient animals, whatever you want, including fanart.

Google "Character Art" for examples or browse ArtStation.



Only submit your own content, content you directly took part in the creation of, and only if you have permission from those you worked with, especially the photographer and/or artist. Do not ever submit found content.


Portraits/Tall: 8.5x11 Inches For Portraits

Landscapes/Wide: 17x11 Inches For Landscapes

JPG or TIF File Format


RGB Color Profile

6-20 Images

Our publisher's printer will physically auto-crop page edges in order to keep them uniform and clean. Avoid facial features, fingers, and toes appearing too close to images edges. Post-print cropping is standard practice by publishers and not under our control. All we can do it make sure such body parts remain inside the outer zone. If you wish, you may download these custom-made page framing templates to assure proper cropping of your images.


If you are hoping for the cover, your submission must have never been posted online or submitted for print in another magazine.


If your art is photo manipulation based and not stock where people have not been credited, be sure to credit everyone who took part in the production of the content you are submitting. This includes models, hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion designers (even store-bought - check the tags) wardrobe stylists (clothing provider) photographers, and retouchers. If 1 person took part in more than 1 role, credit them again. Names must include capitals and be spelled correctly. While it is not required, we would like each credit to include their Instagram, if they have one.

Respectfully, we claim the right to reject any submission based on quality, taste, the diversity of other contributed content, available space, or the violation of any rules set above regardless of any personal effort or expense on your part.

Please note that we are not for profit. Each print issue is sold at cost. This means that readers only pay the cost of printing, shipping, and for our publishers small service fee. We do not see a dime for the sale of printed issue. That being said, we cannot offer contributors free issues because they are not free, not even for us. And being that we do not profit from sales, we have no budget to purchase prints on your behalf. Nephilim Exists to promote the creative talent of people like you. If you require payment for submission, you're in the wrong place. But you still have our genuine respect.


Apr/15/2021: Submission Call for Issue 27

May/2021: Development Month

Jun/15/2021: Issue 27 Submission Deadline,

Submission Call for Issue 28 Begins,

Submission Call For Character Art Edition #1 Begins

Jun/30/2021: Publication of Issue 27

Jul/2021: Development Month

Aug/15/2021: Issue 28 Submission Deadline,

Character Art Edition #1 Submission Deadline

Submission Call for Issue 29 Begins

Aug/30/2021: Publication of Issue 28

Sep/2021: Development Month

Oct/15/2021: Issue 29 Submission Deadline,

Submission Call for Issue 30 Begins

Oct/30/2021: Publication of Issue 29

Nov/2021: Development Month

Dec/15/2021: Issue 30 Submission Deadline,

Submission Call for Issue 31 Begins

Dec/30/2021: Publication of Issue 30


Avoid anything too cliché.

Upload content folder to WeTransfer, DropBox, or Google Drive, and share the link here. If you're using Google Drive, add to the folder or set the link as unrestricted or we will not be able to access it.